Winemaking started as a hobby 20+ years ago for Bob and escalated after 1990 to take over our home. In talking to people, we found many who either wanted to or do make their own wines. Since Flossie was approaching retirement, we started thinking about opening a home wine making supplies store. Thus, the concept for Heymann Whinery, Etc. was born. Not to be one dimensional, we decided to include wine accessories and wine related gift items.

Then, we couldn't seem to drink all the wine we were making, so we started sharing it with our friends. They liked it and said that we should sell it, so why not sell our wine at our own retail store!

Piece by piece, we made it through the levels of bureaucracy and on June 10, 2004, we received federal and state conditional approval, Heymann Winery, became real!

Our next logical step was to go on-line — and that is what we are doing!

FRUIT WINES — Our focus is fruit wines - we have cranberry, raspberry, apricot, and blackberry wines — all with fruit from Washington State.

GRAPE WINES — Fall 2004, we started our grape wines from the Yakima Valley (Flossie's old stomping grounds — no pun intended) with Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Sauvignon Blanc. In 2005, we added Reisling to our stock, and in 2006 added Syrah along with the others.

GIFT SHOP — We offer both standard and out-of-the-ordinary gifts.

WINE MAKING SUPPLIES — We carry an extensive assortment of chemicals and equipment for those who enjoy the adventure of making wine. We also have the things that take wine you make from just a bottle of homemade wine to a bottle of YOUR OWN wine; labels, shrink wraps, wax, etc.

BEER MAKING SUPPLIES — Although our focus has been wine, realizing there are many crossovers of equipment and chemicals, we've expanded our line to include beer making supplies.

We often are asked why we include the 'h' in "whine", well, it started as a joke, but when we tried to drop it during the licensing process, we were encouraged by the state regulators to keep it, so we did. With our slogan "We can help you whine" we are here to supply your requests for Heymann Whinery wines, gifts, and wine and beer making supplies.

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